About Us

For you,

First of its kind, an innovation of electronic market for marine products.


Accompanying and contribution:

A genuine partner in developing the future of Saudi market.

Quality and specialized:

FISH WASEL is specialized in seafood which is provided by the fishermen directly to the customers. FISH WASEL provides all kind of marine species as well as offering online shopping service with delivery. All your needs will be satisfied in our fishery, as we have 30 different kinds of marine species. Only for you, various marine species are provided, just select delivery timing and leave your order.

Our vision:

Contribution to develop the kingdom’s e-services as well as elevating online shopping with best services.

Our mission:

Increasing awareness of t various fish, their season, home, best cooking methods and the importance of seafood to human health. Delivery service with high quality standards that keep the fish fresh. Assurance of the quality, sort and preparation are taken into consideration to maintain the fresh fishery every day.

Storing with extreme care:

We provide fresh fish stock each and every day We have our own different criteria for storing the fish to ensure the conservation of fish stock from any damage. Preparation center is prepared with high  specification for temperature and ventilation to ensure fish safety.  We do not deal with any other market.

Professionals of the field:

Our employees are expert and professional in the field.



The instruments and equipment in the preparing center is sterile as well as the fish tanks.