Privacy Policy

Based on this policy “FISH WASEL” is the official name of our company.  Customers can enjoy our services by downloading FISH WASEL application on their smartphone as well as by visiting our website.Kindly read our privacy policy before using any of FISH WASEL services to place your order.


Needed customer data:

  • FISH WASEL collects customers’ data while using the website or placing the order through any available services.
  • Customers’ data would be required for the evaluation.  No sensitive data would be required.



  • The collected data would not identify the user, but it would help FISH WASEL to recognize the best way of using the website, which help improving fish delivery.
  • Through the cookies Users’ data might be collected and TRANSFORMED in a file or folder from the website to the computer device for any future use. 
  • Cookies would not ask for any data that include users’ personal information or ask them to recognize their identity.
  • Users’ personal data would be obtained only by FISH WASEL. 
  • Technical data could be collected from the laptop or any mobile device such as: website data and features function of the device, transportation system that contains type of communication, IP address, payment via cell phone and retail.
  • Retail could be through the use of near field communication, Quick Response Code and the use of mobile phone voucher.  The device or the website must have the option of rejecting the cookies in the settings.

Saving Personal Data:

  • FISH WASEL makes every effort to maintain the integrity of customers’ personal data and protect it from any misuse, as well as getting rid of any unwanted data of the customer as it is said in the privacy policy.
  • The user is responsible of his password for entering the website, and kindly do not share your own password with others.
  • FISH WASEL is not responsible of users’ personal information in any condition.  The users shall take the responsibility of their personal information.
  • Please contact us immediately in case of any unauthorized use of your personal data.

How does FISH WASEL use the collected data?

FISHWASEL would use customers’ collected data to deliver their data only after their approval.