Salmon Fillet | فيلية السالمون

Salmon Fillet |  فيلية السالمون


An overview:

Salmon  is one of the most popular and preferred fish in the Middle East.  It does not exceed 150 cm.  There are various types of Hamour that look similar with an economic value, and preferred mostly.

The fish can be found in coral and rocky areas, and it is considered demersal fish, and feeds on small fish and crustaceans such as shrimp and molluscs such as squid. It has a unique form, the upper part of its body is light brown and the bottom seems yellow with dark brown spots that have black stains (sometimes) which help disappearing.  It breeds in Spring and summer. 



In Middle East it is preferred fried, grilled or in kabsa and maraq


Fish Cleaning:

-          Abdomen cleaning

-          Removing the nostrils

-          Removing the fin

-          Removing the unused part of the tail.


Cutting the fish into pieces:

-          The fish could be cut into 3 to 4 pieces

-          The head would be cut into 2 pieces


Grilling the fish:

After cleaning the fish its belly would be cut open to grill.

Without cleaning:

The fish served wrapped from FISHWASEL.

Cutting the fish into filet:

The fish would be cut into pieces without bones, thrones and skin.

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