Andak Fillet | فيلية العندق

Andak Fillet | فيلية العندق

An overview:

A tropical fish and it does not exceed 70 cm.  It could be found in coral areas, and feed on little invertebrate.  It is famous for its spiny flippers.

The fish breeds in spring and summer – middle of March to August.


In Middle East it is preferred fried or grilled.


Fish Cleaning:

-          Abdomen cleaning

-          Removing the nostrils

-          Removing the fin

-          Removing the unused part of the tail.


Cutting the fish into pieces:

-          The fish could be cut into 3 to 4 pieces

-          The head would be cut into 2 pieces


Grilling the fish:

After cleaning the fish its belly would be cut open to grill.


Without cleaning:

The fish served wrapped from FISH WASEL.

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