SOBAITY | السبيطي

SOBAITY | السبيطي


An overview:

Considered to be one of the best fish in the gulf, as it is the most preferred and rich in meet.  This fish cannot be caught easily which makes the fisher men brag about catching it.  The small ones called “Mazezy”.






In Middle East it is preferred fried with Kabsa or in Marq and it is also preferred grilled.


Fish Cleaning:

-          Abdomen cleaning

-          Removing the nostrils

-          Removing the fin

-          Removing the unused part of the tail


Cutting the fish into pieces:

-          The fish could be cut into 3 to 4 pieces

-          The head would be cut into 2 pieces


Grilling the fish:

After cleaning the fish its belly would be cut open to grill.


Without cleaning:

The fish served wrapped from FISHWASEL.


Cutting the fish into filet:

The fish would be cut into pieces without bones, thrones and skin

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